Friday, March 26, 2010

Resurrecting My Blog and Habitat

hi! Daily Papercut is back...I stopped writing here for awhile because my focus had become our Sunday forays to the flea market. Though THAT is still interesting to me it is not the focus of this blog. The Daily Papercut's purpose is to provide a "back story" for some of my pieces and my creative process in general. In my own experience, I enjoy others' work more when I know something about it and what they're thinking about. It is not an attempt to "talk a picture," as one of my teachers once discouraged me from doing but to simply inform so you can enjoy the work more.
As for the Mercado de las Pulgas that's for another appearing soon.

I love animals and habitat. If you enjoy this aspect of my illustrations then next time you are in SF you've got to visit California Academy of Science. Wow!
I went there to recharge my creative battery this past week. It was a visual feed-very inspiring, very interesting and of course, more ideas to get to work on....rays, sea dragons, penguins, octopus, otters....habitats underwater, rainforest canopies....lots of inspiration....the natural world is so beyond anything the imagination can manufacture and it all has such an integrity in its forms.
(note about the foldouts: these are now in a size that fits standard A7 envelope; earlier "standard" size I'm  calling  "foldout-mini" or mini. Open, the foldouts can now work as a centerpiece especially if the party or event has a theme. I am working on a set of luminarios....more on this very soon. Also new, to my etsy webshop, are large-format, limited edition paper cuts, as large as 24x18. I'm really excited about these and the ACEOs because it gets me back to my art and printmaking roots. The paper is luscious stuff, gorgeous and thick and it is, like the inks, archival....kind of like someone telling you they are baking with 100% vanilla, cocoa beans, locally sourced fruit and handmilled flours.... your mouth has to start watering...yup, good ingredients. Now on eBay as hanasales.)