Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lifting questions and writing the answers

These questions came from LinkedIn discussion board for illustrators. Someone named the "illustrator dude" with a robot-thing was canvassing members to interview. The following are my answers to the interview questions. I decided to interview myself.

Interview Questions:

When did you start illustrating?
I got fascinated with the "process" of drawing. and possessed enough detachment from the results that I used a ballpoint pen. It was all very fluid.

How would you describe your illustration style?
I have a distinct line style that dominates everything I do much like individual handwriting.

Where do you find inspiration?
the natural world, some odd quirk observed, is universal isn't it.

What’s your software of choice?

What’s your favorite focus food?
...what does "focus" mean? A food that one is fixated, have a yen for or a food that imbues a sense of contentment, calm and concentration?
Odd question. probably coffee for focus. It has a ritual aspect that is linked to so many memories.
What’s your favorite thing to draw and why?

What illustrators do you look up to?
Elise Kleven. I love her storytelling and the looseness of form and color through paper collage.
There are several children's book illustrators that make my heart happy.

When do you work best, early in the morning or late at night?
mental function and energy are best in the morning though sometimes it takes me some puttering around to get really productive and always I work better with a medium-range deadline. Deadlines create the necessity to make decisions and to finish.

What are your illustration goals for the next 2 years?
develop new work that uses collage as a substrate providing richer textures and depth; create a body of work made up of limited large format papercuts; work more quickly, create and render more ideas; purchase a lasercutter for stained glass compositions and more paper art; find that sweet combination between art and product that creates a sustainable income and recognition.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holly Peters Foldouts

where is the letter "v"

On Sunday, I went to the flea market with Dennis and Bryan. I haven't been in awhile because of my work schedule. They decided last minute (at the on ramp for 680) to go to Alameda, which is once a month, bigger, pricier and vintage.
I bought a set of letter stamps, thinking these would be perfect for mixed media....what a score...some time later while looking through the set, I discover that the lower case "v" is missing. Dammit!
This morning, in my email I find a series of messages from the Lodi artists group about what to do at their next meetup this Thursday.
"Barbara sounds like a fun project. We might even consider embracing the letter V and see how many different things we can make with this shape...Just a thought...for a challenge and a little crazy fun."-Linda

The Daily Papercut on YouTube with Foldouts

Here is a short video of me describing "foldouts" and some of my thoughts on working
YouTube link: created this from footage he took of me over a couple of shoots. I admit to ambivalence about being photographed and not really knowing what I wanted to communicate. Please take a look, he did a great job.