Thursday, February 11, 2016

Red Fire Monkey

Gung hay faat choi
The Chinese New Year officially kicked off on February 8.  2016 is year of the red fire monkey. If that doesn't beg a graphic...
Midway through my first comp and rendering, I realized that my "monkey" did not have a tail. After more research, surfing on google and Pinterest. I found that yes, chimpanzees are part of the ape family and are not monkeys; and went back to the drawing board, literally and modeled my graphic after a macaque monkey. Flare include traditional (red) cloud
and some fender spoilers for flames. Voilå, a new year's card in two variations: white background and the yellow with brocade. The front and the kanji are cut out. The design is in trifold with a greeting on the inside panel. Happy newest year.