Monday, September 28, 2009

Cupcake Camp on October 3-San Francisco

A friend clued me in to Cupcake Camp SF 2009 happening on 10/3
(See forwarded email at bottom of this entry.) I'm registered and plan to bring chocolate marmalade mini-cupx.
Email came through on Saturday, I'd just gotten back from a camping trip and thought, "well....why not? have and excellent recipe and some things to share but no mini-tins...hmm..." Following day being Sunday, I set out to the flea market with intention. My short list included cupcake tins, water shoes and whatever else might surface. It was dark when we get there but people were already setting up. We were really "late" because our ride had overslept. Walking the fence ritual turned up a find of $5. Yup, I found $5, very nice. Only problem with finding money on the ground in lucky, random fashion is that 1) a squabble ensues about whose money it is 2) one spends the rest of the time with the thought that more money will be found 3) every camera battery looks like a coin.
During the second walk-around, voila! there on a pile of stuff were several muffin tins of varying sizes, two of which were minis. How much do you think I paid for them? ;o)
If i get really inspired will make some gingerbread cupcakes, too.
hey! please come if you're in SF. This is SF's second camp.

Forwarded message:
I believe that BELFAST just had the first Cupcake camp in Europe in August. It was well documented on the news and in the various community contribution sites like flickr and utube.

TORONTO held one in January:

!!!!! POSSIBLE DANGER!!!!!!!
BEWARE of searching for cupcake info on the internet. You may get captured by picture after seductive picture!!!!
CREATE CUPCAKE SET: makes clever use of fondant from a Montreal Bakery

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