Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, stale popcorn and the dog

I opened an etsy shop for the dog(that's Yogi) yesterday. He is going to supply those felters with gen-U-whine Bouvier hair...or is it fur?
My friend, K8 sent me a link to a book about crafting with your cat and inside apparently, since I've only seen a photo of the book cover (and don't know a damn thing about felting) is a recipe for felting using cat's hair....or is it fur?
So far, I only have one sandwich baggy-full of doggy fluff. Usually it's like tumbleweeds everywhere -under the chairs, under the couch, in wads on the carpet or layering into the corners.
In addition, I'm thinking Sydney, one of my cats can subcontract to Yogi. He sheds almost as much and has medium-long black coat that sticks to the blankets in little tufts.

Why the reference to popcorn? We took a break and ate some.

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