Monday, August 26, 2013

Whale Song, New, Newer Work

I have a new foldout in the web shop. It's titled Whale Song, which may be referencing some audio collection in my subconscious with whale calls. Sperm whales make clicking sounds that some researchers theorize is echolocution since they don't seem to have good vision. The foldout was created or rather finalized for a gallery in Rhode Island, i.e. Ambergris Gallery on Block Island. Gillian, the owner asked me if the new work...whale foldout depicted a sperm whale. The initial foldout sketches and file is of gray whales and I may drop in those images for a dual whale work. The sperm whale has such a blocky profile. Ink coverage has spread out over the surfaces.

It really helps to have a deadline. It's uncomfortable but it really helps to push the working.

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