Sunday, February 9, 2014

Year of the Horse 2014

 Year of the Horse 2014 (papercut card)

Year of the Horse Green w/ Wood Element
The revisions have gotten sorted out and will be published this week. Slight variations but I hope to reprise the horse for a "golden" hills of California POPup-foldOUt that will feature artichoke thistles. Not sure if these came with the Spanish and their cattle in the 1500s. This is an oddly Gothic-in-the-daylight plant with blooms a beautiful purple that dry and blow off the ramble of spiny leaves becoming golden puffs. These create a texture to the hillside and make it fairly impassable.
Or...of coyote. The newest iteration has more cuts and swirls in the mane. I've been making the little enclosure envelopes out of red patterned scrapbook paper. The small enclosure card and envelopes are for money gifts. This is traditional and these usually go to children in the family.
A conversation developed with another papercut artist, based in New York City.
Her etsy shop is

She has organized a Year of the Horse card exchange. I'm looking forward to the exchange and wish you a happy and productive 2014

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