Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14- road to fairfield

I've been traveling this road twice a week since May.
The highway runs outside of Fairfield along the estuary and bird preserve. Egrets gather in the dozens. They are still individual but not such solitary figures as they usually seem along embankments and on the median. Pelican flocks can be seen, too.
In fact, I was up here once before in January to deliver a couple brown pelicans from the San Mateo animal shelter. They traveled in towel-draped, dog carriers. Two of four birds that were moved up to Cordelia's International Bird Rescue Research Center. www.ibrrc.org
Another volunteer brought the other two. During the winter, there had been numbers of distressed and downed pelicans along the California coast. At the time it was not clear why they were so sick. These birds were transported from the receiving shelters to specialized care facilities.

The wind is so consistent here that trees and bushes grow slightly bent as though reaching out rather than growing up towards the sun. If you continue on 12 east, you will find that otherworldly landscape of windmills. As for the sheep, I can not tell you where they crept into the picture but there they are.
This image is not quite finished as my intention is to add color, texture and possibly rework some elements.

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