Sunday, August 28, 2011

August, Autumn and Bali

The SFIGf came and went. It was a grueling show and to be honest, I do not know how productive.
It was however a lesson in wholesale for me and riding BART. Two crates and the card spinner loaded onto a dolly very nicely. And I took transit every day of the four the show was running. No parking fees, low gas use and no commuter headaches. The handmade section was relegated to a little corridor in the back, next to the cash and carry at the back of Moscone West. The backdrop to the show was the stock market plunging several hundreds of points. Frankly, I find the stock market coverage to be an exercise in manipulation, subjective speculation and a big bloody waste of everyone's time. One of my coworkers, who is just entering jc talked about watching the Colbert Report and Stewart for all of his news and that one of the guests had said, 'the stock market rests on the emotions of CEOs each day.' Great, like I need to know how 500 strangers are feeling about their morning and afternoon.

That was an aside...
I have quite a lot of follow up to do from the show. Still in the works is a conversation begun with a couple card reps. This is an ongoing discussion about retail display suggestions and price points....which actually might take me back to talking about economies, foreign manufacture and American consumer expectations.

My production process continues to be refined (no corn syrup here)
I have become more proficient at creating "stable" designs with delicate cuts and patterns.
Because of the discussion about price points and what a "card" is, I came up with a medium/invitation-sized foldout. I like this size, it has the intimacy of the enclosure and larger format views of the A2.
I will post to my shop soon.
Sunday and I am on my way to work.
ciao bella, more later,

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