Thursday, August 4, 2011

August, return to habit or ritual and summer show

Currently prepping for the SF International Gift Show, which is this coming weekend. I should be working on collateral materials......this is a trade/wholesale show, which means that I do not have to have a lot of inventory but everything does have to be well documented.
I have not done this kind of show before. My best frame of mind seems to be to approach it as an experiment albeit with a ton of preparation....the hold up is almost always around making decisions as I really do like to let things gel a little. what I really want to be doing right now (confession) is to go work on the veiled chameleon foldout started some time ago. It's beginning to take shape and will be very colorful with a fairly good view of the little guys in habitat.

The Flea Market blog has been set aside for the time being, mainly because I am working on the weekends these days and can't attend except vicariously. And each person does notice different things.
Back to prep.
Adios for now,

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