Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009-not Friday the 13th

Brief hiatus from "daily" blog! I was away last week from Saturday through Saturday and of course, the return Sunday we attended "church" which is to say Dennis' version of it... the flea market.
Graphics on the left are variations of project I am working on right now- a card commission for a private school. The headmistress' office is very atmospheric and distinctive. The building is historic. A graphic of the door has been used before to identify the correspondence as coming from the school and more specifically her office.

I prefer the bolder, brighter colors with more asymmetric cropping but the muted, wood-tone palettes are probably more versatile and appropriate for fund-raising and thank you notes. The wood tones are sampled from reference photos that I took early on.

The first panel in black/duotone will be lased and form a "cut-out" with the second panel of color showing through those portions that have been burned away. Light passing through the cut-out creates another graphic in shadow. Hopefully to be reprised for luminarios!

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