Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24-it's Monday (all day) completely random, musings

Yesterday was an exceptionally long day, beginning with 5AM wake-up call for the flea market.
I bought a wicker backpack purse on a whim then decided I didn't really like it and left it on someone else's pile of junk stuff...isn't that a physics or chemistry concept...displacement of mass? My other purchase was a small bag of "porcinas," the pig-shaped Mexican bread, which is fresh, tastes like brown sugar and ginger. There is a(n) Hispanic woman who has a booth at the market but she's not there every week. This is the only thing I ever get from her. The pink and sugar-coated breads have never really appealed to me besides how can you beat a pig-shaped gingerbread?
The theme this week was motorcycle helmets and bad books.
Afterwards, we headed south and moved the rest of my things out of my apartment nearly completing a move that has been in process for the past three. We didn't finish until 11pm then headed over to the pho restaurant by 24 hour fitness to have the worst meal Dennis has ever eaten...I felt kind of bad about this because it was supposed to be a "thank you" for helping me.
There was definitely a this-is-junk, this-is-treasure theme yesterday.

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