Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20-birthday cupcakes

I used to work at a photo lab. That was awhile ago...just before things went digital so people took photos, brought them in to us and on the tech side, we printed everything. Not only printed it but color and density corrected each photo. It was more like being an armchair traveler or sociologist. I saw a lot of things without being a voyeur. Every celebration, always had a snap of the cake...didn't matter if it was a wedding, anniversary, going-away party or a birthday, there was always that one obligatory picture of the cake solo. And what did people do with these pictures of the cake?
This papercut is a birthday cupcake, an element from a fold-out card.
I've changed the purple frosting to pink, gotten feedback about the "caramel" frosting not being as appealing as the vanilla minty-looking one :o) *

One of my favorite blogs is
which is written from a professional cake decorator's point of view. The commentary with photos can be very funny. One of my favorite toys was an electric oven that came with miniature pans and mixes. Seems very suzy homemaker to me now and the concept of a recipe still eludes me albeit to say
I have a few cake wrecks in my own past. One was when I was 8 or 9, we had out-of-town company visiting, my mom had a migraine and her birthday was coming up. My six-year old friend and I decided to make the cake. This was a supervised activity. I remember there was some problem with the oven and the cake "blew up" while it was baking. Since this was a craft project, the obvious solution was to paste it together with frosting. The real problem in my mind at the time was that we couldn't agree on the color so we compromised by alternating very bright green with the very bright blue.
P.S.! August 18 is national cupcake for next year.

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