Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31-Monday

Jellyfish fold-out card coming soon.
There are so many different kinds of jellyfish with such vivid colors-otherworldly, floating and fluid. I admit to having a vague sense of their structure. They are more transparent than this so I'm playing with layers but want the color to pop and the liquid quality of the lines to translate.

Earlier in the day, I walked the couple miles to Petco for kibble and biscuits.
First, I should say that Yogi, the dog who came with me is a Bouvier and a real couch potato-lean but not a real spark when it comes to "exercise." We got to the store after a surprisingly brisk walk and without his characteristic halts. (These are a mystery since he freezes in place and will not budge.) His first move was to pee all over the stack of baskets at the door. I suspect that for the remainder of the afternoon, other dogs may have repeated this maneuver. The clerk rushed for the back and returned to hand me a wad of paper towels. Once inside the store, Yogi headed in any direction that suited him.
I don't know if he's been there before since his person objects to the prices especially since Raley's has  kibble for $2 cheaper. Anyway, mission accomplished. Exiting the store without a further watering, we only got as far as the corner and that's where we stayed until I called for a ride.

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